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Lee Seung Hwan





Dear honorable members of ISFG,

It is a great pleasure for me to invite leading scientists from all over the world to the 27th Congress of the International Society for Forensic Genetics (ISFG), which will take place in Seoul from August 28th to September 2nd, 2017.

As the capital city of the Republic of Korea for more than 620 years since 1394, Seoul is the global city which features both a very rich history and unique charm.

The Supreme Prosecutors' Office (SPO), which takes on the position of the Local Organizing Committee of the 2017 ISFG Congress, promises to provide you with an unforgettable experience, not only from the scientific point of view, but also from the cultural one.

The Seoul Congress is especially meaningful as it will be held in one of Asian countries for the first time in fifty years since the 1st Congress in Lubeck, Germany back in 1969.

It is strongly believed that the 27th Congress will lay the foundation of the network that connects the East and the West in the field of Forensic Genetics and will play a significant role in the development of the science that seeks to discover the mystery of life and pursue prosperity of mankind.

The SPO will help the Congress to serve as a platform where participants make excellent presentations on research results and are engaged in heated discussion, and thus innovative ideas can be created.

Along with academic programs, a variety of culture events are to be prepared, in which the participants can taste Korea's beauty and hospitality.

For the great success of the Congress, your attention and active support are absolutely essential.

I expect your invaluable participation and look forward to welcoming you in Seoul in 2017.

Yours faithfully,

Kim, Soo Nam
Prosecutor General
Republic of Korea